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Our Team, Our Goals, Our Vision

Our Mission

MK Adoption Services is on a mission to make your adoption journey beautiful and memorable. Most people would never describe an adoption journey using those words, however with our families receiving the proper education, support, guidance, and the space they need to embrace the ever-changing emotions they will experience, many will describe their journey as beautiful and memorable!


We desire to be empathetic, caring, and knowledgeable adoption professionals who fully prepare our MKAS families to be the best parents to their children while honoring their first family and protecting their story. A healthy adoption triad is always the goal. 


We intentionally work with a small number of clients. We never accept more than ten active families at a time ensuring each client will always have a personalized experience. As we continue to keep our number of active families to a modest amount; we have a large and impressive community of adoption entities who we partner with who help our families connect with expectant and birth mothers who hope to create an adoption plan.


We truly want the best for your family because you deserve it.

We strive to provide excellent customer service and guidance to those considering adoption and families active in their adoption journey.

Our Mission

About Khandy (she/her)

Hello, I'm Khandy! "Be kind" is my motto! Being a kind person and helping others has always been my thing! Treat others as you would like others to treat you. If I think about it, maybe that's one of the main reasons I became a registered nurse. I wanted to help others. My YouTube channel and MK Adoption Services were both created because I knew after my two adoption journeys, that I wanted to help families. I wanted to make a real difference. 


Who is Khandy?  I'm a wanderlust, who enjoys eating her way through different countries. I am always planning a vacation in my head. I love a good target run, or two a week! I enjoy doing my makeup while watching crime documentaries. I have a great eye for beautiful things and take breathtaking photos. I am the family photographer. I love natural remedies and would love to grow all of our produce one day. I believe mindset is everything and that you can speak anything into existence. And I have too many Pinterest boards dedicated to traveling, homeschooling, holistic lifestyle, holiday decor, parenting, and positive quotes. 


I am the passionate, proud wife of Kenneth, who is an officer in the United States Marine Corps. I take great pride in being a military family. Together, we have two beautiful and brilliant (they are brilliant and beautiful) children who we adopted. And to put the cherry on top, we also have two dogs!


I don't consider this a job. We have the coolest clients who have all become family. Our stories are all so similar but yet very different. I commit to give them my all, and I do. In the end, I get to be a part of making their biggest dream come true. How cool is that?


Fun Facts:

1. I am always in a rush because I have a fear of lateness, but I'm always early.

2. I'm a lover of routines and schedules.

3.I am originally from Jamaica, WI and grew up in the Bronx, NY. Needless to say, I drive fast, I talk loud, and fast, I know good food, and good music and I have a spicy personality!  

4.My dream is to live somewhere in the Mediterranean with my family, and a few dogs, on a few acres of sustainable land that we maintain ourselves. 


I love, love! I hope I will have the opportunity to bring a little spice into your life and child into your heart & home.

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About Marquita (she/her)

Hello!! I am Marquita, half of the exemplary team!!


I have always wanted to be a MOM! I was not stopping until it happened!! My journey through the challenging domestic adoption process led me to explore additional options, eventually discovering embryo adoption. After researching embryo adoption, my husband and I chose to pursue it and successfully transferred a single embryo, resulting in the birth of our beautiful daughter, Milana. 


I am deeply passionate about both adoption and embryo adoption, as it made my dream of motherhood a reality. 


I was born and raised in North Carolina, graduated from North Carolina Central University (Eagle Pride) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences (Child Development and Family Relations).  I also earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching Adults from Walden University.


I am also an Adult Educator and a NICU mom. My commitment to being a lifelong learner (formal and informal) and first hand experiences allow me to confidently support families hoping to adopt. 


When I am not working with families, I am educating early childhood professionals or spending time with my husband and daughter or my siblings and their children.


I have a profound understanding of the complexities families face when navigating the various family planning options. It's not always easy but it is worth it.

Let’s get started today! Adoption is a life long journey and I am excited to support you in Creating Your Own Rainbow.

Fun Facts:

1. I am from a small town with one Walmart, one McDonalds and only a few stop lights. We all know each other. I often find myself saying something "country".

2. I love to run, jog or "wog" in the neighborhood and in 5K races. 

3. My dream is to visit all 50 states with my daughter and husband. 

4. I love sticky notes. You can find them at my desk, all over my laptop, in my car (YEP, MY CAR) and in my home. Sticky notes help me to stay focused while trying to be a great wife, mom, employee, business owner and friend daily!

Are You Ready to Start Your Adoption Journey?

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