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MK Adoption Services assists families in most states hoping to pursue a domestic adoption. We provide all of our families with the tools they will need to have a successful adoption.​

All MKAS Families Receive...

  • Two full-time consultants

  • Referrals to ethical adoption professionals 

  • Personalized adoption experience 

  • Adoption Financial support guide 

  • Unlimited Relevant Adoption Education 

  • A professionally created adoption profile book 

  • Adoption journey due diligence training 

  • Substance abuse and Alcohol exposure training

  • Regular access to your consultants for advice 

  • Adoption opportunities presented at no extra cost 

  • Adoption attorney recommendations

  • Personal adoption social media page guidance

  • Professional guidance on adoption opportunities breakdowns 

  • Support you need when reviewing potential adoption opportunities, and deciding if they are right for you.

  • Preparation for calls and visits with an expectant mother/birth mother 

  • Continued support and education for a successful match with an expectant mother 

  • Navigating and forming a meaningful relationship with an expectant mother 

  • Adoption hospital etiquette training 

  • Preparation for travel and lodging recommendations

  • Travel support

  • Training on navigating the hard emotions and grief that come with an adoption journey. Pre and post-placement 

  • Revocation timeline education 

  • Support and important information to have a successful ICPC 

  • Post Placement Visit support and education 

  • FINALIZATION! We are right there just like the first day to cheer you on!

  • Infancy, toddler, childhood, and onward. The adoption journey doesn't end at finalization and neither does our relationship. We are a family, and will forever be a part of your life!

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