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The Ladies at MKAS are Different!

Because of our own unique adoption experiences, we understand the journey inside, and out. We understand how beautiful and complicated the adoption process can be.

How We Can Help You

Khandy and Marquita help prospective adoptive families achieve their dream of growing their family through domestic adoption. 

We ensure our families will be supported, educated, and treated with respect in a diverse and inclusive environment. All while making their journey a memorable experience!

Why Choose MK Adoption Services?


We are fully invested in our clients and are devoted to helping them grow their families. We strive to create a safe and inclusive space where they know they have an advocate. 


Our goal is to minimize all risks to our clients when possible. We only partner with ethical adoption professionals. 

Our Why

MKAS core values were formed from personal experiences. We have a goal to make a true difference in the adoption community. 

We can assure you that...

  • We never work with more than ten active families at a time. 

  • Our clients receive adoption opportunities sent to them for no extra cost. 

  • The average wait time for our clients is 6 - 8 months. 

  • We are proud to represent diversity and inclusion in the adoption sector. 

  • We are proud to work with all family types including singles, same-sex couples, and families regardless of race, sexual orientation, and religion.

  • We believe in providing our clients with quality adoption education.

  • We have an ever-growing list of partners who provide our clients with adoption opportunities to help them match with an expectant mother. 


Let's Connect!

We understand the journey and the process.

At MKAS, we are with every family beyond placement, providing emotional support, guidance, adoption education, unwavering encouragement, love and care. 

We want to make sure that our families feel prepared, and supported at all times. 


You will never feel invisible.

MK Adoption Services, LLC proudly serves and supports the members of the United States Armed Forces. We offer a military discount to all active duty and veteran families. 

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