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MK Adoption Services

We desire to help those who have committed to growing their families through adoption.

Our Mission

MK Adoption Services is on a mission to make your adoption journey beautiful and memorable.

Most people would never describe an adoption journey using those words, however with our families receiving the proper education, support, guidance, and the space they need to embrace the ever-changing emotions they will experience, many will describe their journey as beautiful and memorable!


We desire to be empathetic, caring, and knowledgeable adoption professionals who fully prepare our MKAS families to be the best parents to their children while honoring their first family and protecting their story. A healthy adoption triad is always the goal. 



We intentionally work with a small number of clients. We never accept more than ten active families at a time ensuring each client will always have a personalized experience. As we continue to keep our number of active families to a modest amount; we have a large and impressive community of adoption entities that we partner with who help our families connect with expectant and birth mothers who hope to create an adoption plan.



We truly want the best for your family because you deserve it.

MK Adoption Services is located in North Carolina.
We provide support and referral services to families hoping to adopt (domestic adoption).

Success Stories

I cannot express enough gratitude to the MK Adoption team who guided us through every step of my adoption journey. Although overwhelmed with hope and apprehension from the moment I spoke on the phone with Khandy I could feel her extended hands and heart to me. Today, as I hold my beautiful baby girl in my arms, I owe it to MK Adoption for them navigating me through the entire process. Their wealth of knowledge and experience shone through in every touch base conversation, addressed my concerns, and provided me with clear, concise guidance at every turn and they never checked out but always, always leaned in. What truly sets them apart is their honesty and transparency. When most consultants are more concerned with getting a baby, Khandy and Marquita made it their mission to keep me informed every step of the way. There were no hidden agendas or unexpected surprises; just honest, straightforward advice that prepared me to make informed decisions with confidence.
Today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the role Khandy and Marquita played in bringing her into my life. They are more than just consultants; they brought hope and fulfilled my dream of becoming a mother. If you are embarking on your own adoption journey, I recommend placing your trust in their capable hands. They are, without a doubt, a lifesaver in every sense of the word.
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Ask About Our

Profile Books

Every MKAS Family will receive a professionally designed adoption profile.

Q: Do you work with single women?

Yes, We absolutely do work with single women. 

Q: Do you work with families that do not reside in North Carolina?

Absolutely!! We work with families in most states. Many of our families do not live in North Carolina.


Q: Do you have an age requirement?

Short answer; no.


Q: Do you work with US citizens living abroad?

Yes, we do work with US citizens living abroad including military families. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Partners

Let's Connect!

You don't have to do this alone.

MKAS consultants are real adoptive parents with real adoption experience providing essential support for each and every family. 

MK Adoption Services, LLC proudly serves and supports the members of the United States Armed Forces. We offer a military discount to all active duty and veteran families. 

If you are an adoption professional who would like to learn more about MKAS, our core values, and how we can make a difference in your clients' adoption journey, we'd love to speak with you!

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